Click through on these links to articles, interviews and other resources on divesting and investing in energy.  You can also click on the organisations our speakers represent, on the Programme & Speakers page, to go to their websites.  Most links will take you to other websites for which we have no responsibility.

Seb Beloe tells Brighthelm’s Geoff Barnard – in a handy 90 seconds – why investors should divest from fossil fuels.   Great quote: “Whether you’re thinking about the values, or just the value, every investor should be thinking about divestment”

Ed Davey, UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, backs The Guardian’s divestment campaign but argues that divestment strategy should distinguish between fossil fuels, with coal divestment being the immediate priority.  In The Guardian, 17th March 2015.

An essay by Bill McKibben in The Guardian, 13th March 2015.  He may be a campaigner, but there’s lots of thought-provoking comment here.  Not least this quote from the president of the World Bank in his speech in Davos recently: “Use smart due diligence. Rethink what fiduciary responsibility means in this changing world. It’s simple self-interest. Every company, investor and bank that screens new and existing investments for climate risk is simply being pragmatic.”

A response from AXA IM to growing unease over fossil fuel investment.  From The Guardian, 15th January 2015

Industry body, Oil and Gas UK, react to Secretary of State Ed Davey’s comments about “risky” investments.  From The Guardian, 18th February 2015

Interview with Ellen Dorsey in Philanthropy News Digest.  Ellen is Executive Director of the Wallace Global Fund, a member of the Divest-Invest Philanthropy coalition.  She explains why Wallace Global Fund came to their decision to withdraw their investment in fossil fuels and align their investment values with their grant-making values.

In a related article, also from April 2014, one of our speakers, Seb Beloe, reflects on Wallace Global’s decision.

Guardian report on Bank of England Governor Mark Carney’s speech to the World Bank, in which he talks about the dangers of a carbon bubble.

Fossil Fuel Divestment: a brief history.  From The Guardian, October 2014

Stranded Assets – an academic report by the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at Oxford University



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