Keep It In The Ground

The Guardian newspaper ran a week-long focus on divestment last week, and the articles keep coming.  Some are on our resources page.  Keep checking in there for updates.  You can also just go straight to The Guardian’s website for the full works.


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2 Responses to Keep It In The Ground

  1. greenreturns says:

    Reblogged this on ccl350 and commented:
    Divestment is a moral statement first. It is a way of withholding consent. It doesn’t matter how much or little you divest. It matters that you stand up and be counted.


    • urcearthyear says:

      Thanks for visiting & re-blogging. That was our experience at Brighthelm. Our oil holding was pretty small, and selling it won’t have caused the chief exec of BP any lost sleep. But it was a moral statement. Also, being an early divestor (the first UK church to divest) has given our action a notoriety, and hopefully an impact, way beyond the size of the action itself. Sometimes the symbolism of what we do is the most powerful thing. Alex Mabbs.


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