Best To Divest?

Responsible investment in a changing climate

Welcome to Best To Divest? – where you can join in the growing debate about fossil fuel investment.

Best To Divest? is a web-based forum built on the contributions of experts in the field of ethical investment and fossil-fuel divestment, augmented by readers’ responses.

Explore key questions like:

  • How strong is the ethical and financial case for divestment?
  • What is the experience of organisations that have taken this route?
  • Is divestment an effective tool for change, or is engagement with fossil fuel companies a better option?
  • What are the options for investors wishing to withdraw from fossil fuels: how secure and profitable are the alternatives?

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Best To Divest? is sponsored by Brighthelm Church and Community Centre 




One Response to Best To Divest?

  1. Thanks for your interest in The organisation has never become an investor but as an individual it’s good to hear ideas. I invest on some of the sites on’m interested in anything that pays well.

    About investing to reduce CO2 pollution, with Abundance Generation as an example.

    The going rate to P2P investors is falling as P2P lenders gradually take over market space vacated by the banks, but I still get 10% while Abundance Generation offers about 5% with occasional non-commerical clauses like the right of the borrower to pay local groups before investors. Abundance has not automated its market in second hand loans either, which I think reduces their value. You have to post on a forum like this and say “who will make me an offer?”, and hope that someone takes the trouble to reply and say “me but at a lower rate” etc.

    I’m sure that P2P investors will accept 5% sooner or later. Experiments on Zopa and Funding Circle have found a lot including me who end-up with losses rather than profits. But at the moment the canny investors looking ot invest in new markets are looking or more than 5%.

    I’m interested in investing in democratic welfare states, particularly the one I live in, and investing in the manufacturing industries that previous generations have saboutaged by fiddling the exchange rate. I don’t know if this is more or less important than investing in companies that reduce CO2 pollution, but just state it as a fact about what I do.

    Anyway, good luck.


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